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Why Orange Juice Tastes Bad After Brushing

glass of orange juiceLike every typical health-conscious individual, it’s normal to brush your teeth when you wake up in the morning. After that, you decide to enjoy a glass of orange juice to rejuvenate your system, but it tastes really bad. Why is this so?

Generally, we decide the combination of food we eat based on the ones that satisfy our taste buds. For instance, some people would prefer a combination of bread and jam over bread and butter. However, anyone who has taken an orange juice after brushes can entire relate to the awful taste it gives.

What Ingredient Is Responsible For This Awful Taste

The bitter taste you get when you take orange juice after brushing your teeth has to do with the primary constituent in toothpaste known as Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), also abbreviated as SLES (Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate).

Also found in detergents and shampoo, this toothpaste ingredient is responsible for the foamy texture you get when you brush your teeth. SLS is generally added to these products to help swish them into a foamy lather and help them spread. However, the ingredient also suppresses the sweet receptors on your taste buds, preventing you from tasting the sweetness in the orange juice.

SLS also destroys the fat molecules (phospholipids) in the tongue that blocks bitter flavors when you eat foods with bitter tastes. Therefore SLS conceals the sweet flavor of the orange juice while enhancing the bitter tongue receptors; that is why you experience that unpleasant taste when you drink orange juice after brushing.

How Do You Avoid This Unpleasant Combination

One easy option is to wait for a while after brushing before taking orange juice; otherwise, you can try the option of getting SLS-free toothpaste so you can enjoy your mornings with a glass of orange juice even after you clean your teeth. SLS toothpaste is easy to use, but if bitter OJ is messing with your taste buds, you can opt for SLS-free toothpaste. Additionally, you can get the best of both by scouring OJ options that offer both spreadable and nice flavored constituents.

Is It Better To Brush After Breakfast?

Although this seems like a reasonable solution since you get a better-tasting juice, it can pose a health risk to you. High acidic food and drinks like orange juice can weaken tooth enamel. Brushing after drinking orange juice can cause tooth sensitivity, spots on the teeth, and pain.

What Does Your Dentist Suggest?

Dentists recommend that you wait for no less than 30 minutes after drinking or eating foods with acidic content before brushing your teeth. Orange juices can also have sugar content which can damage your teeth if you don’t brush regularly; you should endeavor to practice good oral hygiene to improve your dental health.

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